My Favorite Workout That Will Keep You In Shape Through The Holidays!

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With the holidays sneaking up on us, it seems this time of year is the toughest to stick with a routine. Whether doing something you enjoy, or maybe not so much like working out, make time for you! Don’t get me wrong I’m not always super excited to run to the gym, but this saying always gets me there, “you might dread it but you’ll never regret it”. Amen!

I actually enjoy working out, but have been known to get bored after doing the same thing for too long. For the past year ClassPass has been my secret to staying in shape. It allows me to go to multiple gyms, all with one membership. If you have it in your city I recommend giving it a shot!! Although, their unlimited membership has recently been eliminated and they’re only allowing you to take 10 classes/mo. This has me considering a change of pace which leads me to Barre3!

I started taking classes at Barre3 when I was in college and fell in love!! If you’re wondering what in the world this barre thing is all about, they combine the ballet bare, pilates, and yoga to tone and lengthen your muscles! I can tell a huge difference in how I feel (not to mention how my pants fit) when frequenting the studio. It is friendly for all levels and plenty of modifications are offered along the way! My favorite part about Barre3 is the cardio blast you get in every class. Expect to get your sweat on, feel challenged, and accomplished!! I can only speak for Nashville where I take classes, but the instructors nail it every time! They are always so upbeat and encouraging, while kindly kicking your butt!

Barre3 is easy to find with locations all over the country! If there’s not a studio near you, check out the online workouts. The videos are always available, perfect for those who travel a lot , or those of us who need a time out from family over the holidays. There’s nothing wrong with trying to keep some type of a routine in place!  It’s so simple to log on and crank out a quick work out anywhere, any time! Online memberships are extremely affordable starting at just $20/mo.

For some of my other favorite online workouts head over to my “Let’s Work Out” Pinterest page. They’re perfect for the days you end up in the gym feeling clueless as to what you want to do!
**Gift guides are in the making so check back daily for added products!**

Naturally I am a total sucker for the cute workout gear they sell! Many of the brands are ones you probably recognize like Alo, Good hYOUman, and Swell. I think we can all agree that workout gear has come a looong way over the past few years! More often than not, my Monday’s are spent in it from the time I leave the house to the time I go to bed. You could say I’m very thankful for these trendy pieces. If you’ve been a fan of moto leggings or a faux leather look in your everyday wardrobe you will absolutely love the Alo yoga version. They come in high waisted and regular. For me it’s really hard to beat a high waisted legging!! They seem to hold everything right where it’s supposed to be, not to mention pair well with a cute little tied up tank. Good hYOUman has the cutest sayings on their tanks – this one says “the best things in life make you sweaty” – love!! Buying new workout gear seems to motivate me to actually go work out! So to help motivate you, I’ve rounded up my outfit details along with other top picks below!

I hope you enjoy my workout gear and Barre3 itself as much as I do! You can contact the Nashville locations at with any questions – or as always feel free to ask me! I’ll do my best to help connect you to the right place!

Cheers everyone!

photography : Krissy Kimsal


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