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Christmas has come and gone once again so it’s onto New Years we go! New Year’s is known for being a rather fancy holiday, but no matter what type of party you’re attending this year, we all want to look our best! Today I’ve decided to share some beauty tips, tricks, and products that I really love and have made a huge difference in my daily routine.

Let’s start with the face! I use Beauty Counter’s cleanser and moisturizer to achieve a fresh clean face every time. This cleanser is my absolute favorite it takes off every bit of my make up and is extremely soothing. My skin is a bit sensitive so gentle products are important to me! If you haven’t heard of Beauty Counter, they focus on personal care items including cosmetics, skin care, baby productsbath products, etc. that are created from safe and mostly organic ingredients. Sounds great on paper right?? Guess what…it feels even better on your skin! Not only are the products safe, but they actually work!!! Read more about their movement to make safe personal care products attainable for everyone here.

Nicole-Alexander Nashville Fashion Blogger Personal Stylist

My current foundation is a stick by Make Up Forever. One of my girlfriends (my makeup guru) suggested it and I was skeptical thinking a stick would be drying, but she was totally right it’s the exact opposite! The foundation seems to glide on beautifully and gives a full coverage while feeling weightless. I usually apply with my foundation brush first and then blend with a beauty blender – the little pink sponge everyone is obsessing over, for a good reason I might add.

Nicole-Alexander Nashville Fashion Blogger Personal Stylist Nicole-Alexander Nashville Fashion Blogger Personal Stylist

This holiday season I’ve branched out from the basic Urban Decay Naked palette’s to the “smoky” and it’s a game changer! If you are a fan of the others you’ll love this one just as much! It offers slightly different color variations, but I’ve found it’s actually fairly easy to use daily for a fresh look as well. Bobbi Brown also makes some really fabulous eye palettes! I’ve included a few blushes, bronzers, and highlighters below that I rotate through regularly.

Nicole-Alexander Nashville Fashion Blogger Personal Stylist

If you’re looking for a good set of make up brushes that won’t totally break the bank I love love love mine from Sigma. Nordstrom offers different sets, or you can purchase individual ones as needed so there’s no pressure to splurge all at once. Not only do they feel great, but they wash up well which is so important! The Beauty Blender soap doubles as a great brush cleaner! No face is complete without a little something on the lips, so I’ve included some of my favorite winter shades below!

Now that our face is on, it’s time for the hair! I like to dry my hair a good bit and then finish it off with a large round brush for a little volume. Lately I’ve been using my curling iron like a wand to achieve a full look that is not too curly. Simply take your curling iron as is, wrap your hair around starting at the handle, and hold. If you want more curl I suggest smaller sections of hair for a longer period of time. If you just want “a little something” take larger chunks of hair and wrap around momentarily. Not only is this great for creating a pulled together party look, but it’s a fantastic quick fix if your running late in the morning! Still need a little extra volume?? I always use dry shampoo before resorting to hair spray! Often times it does the trick and doesn’t weigh my hair down the next day like hairspray can.

Nicole-Alexander Nashville Fashion Blogger Personal Stylist Nicole-Alexander Nashville Fashion Blogger Personal Stylist

I hope you all have a fabulous New Year and have fun playing around with your beauty routine!



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